Cybersafe Online

Five tips for being safe online

1. Make sure that your profile is set to private

2.Only accept friend requests from people that you know and trust and learn to block offensive users

3 Regularly search for yourself online

4. Report fake profiles

5. do not join offensive online groups “like” offence online content

Reliable Websites

Today in I learn we looked at the reliability of websites and then had to do a table about what websites are reliable and what other websites are not. I went to the first moon landing and found that there was  correct information and that it was recently updated.

Then I looked up recent sighting of pumas and I found a web site that did not say the author and when it was last updated therefore I will call that website a unreliable website.

How to evaluate a website!

First you need to find when It was last updated and who the author is.

Second you need to compere it to another website to see if it has the same information.

Lastly you need to see if it is fact or opinion.

Reflection on my Report

I think that I do need to improve in some areas, like getting my projects completed on time and things like that. I reckon that the teachers  have scored me perfectly. There are some areas like I said to work on next term. Some of my learning goals are to complete my assignments and homework on time. Some work I might need help with as well. Overall I think that the teachers marked a fairly good mark, some subjects I want to improve on, like English and SOSE.

Cyber safety

Cyber safety, you need to protect your personal info from going onto the internet.I ahve leant that you never give personal info online to people who you don’t know.I have also leant that if you send nasty text messages police can trace the text messages back to  either your new orold phone.How do you  protect your self on the internet ? You never ever give out personal infomation on the internet like where you live and what school you go to that’s personal don’t give out personal info out to anyone you don’t know.Also you need to protect your passwords so always log off after you use any account. Never give out your passwords.Don’t friend anyone online who you don’t know.

Back up all of your work,school work or anything like that.

All so don’t friend anyone online who you don’t know.

Never give out passwords,personal infomation.

My First Post.

Hello  I’m Liam and welcome to my blog I’m in 7F. I’ve made some new friends. In the first week of school 7F and other class’s went to Camp Cooriemungle. There was high ropes, canoeing in the lake, and the Giant swing and finally Rock climbing. We were split into small groups so we could move around quicker. First my group that contained, Sarah, Mr O’Sullyvan Nick, Ollie, Amillie, Jack, Kurt, Nathan, and many more people went to the high ropes.

Then my group went to the Giant swing and my group had hoist the person up to the top of the swing and let go.Next then my group went to the rock climbing wall and then the whole day was over.